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AudioLeak allows quickly (over 200 times realtime on current Macs) and easily determining the relative (perceived) playback volume of sound / music files or real-time audio input. Displays average unweighted RMS, A-Weighted RMS, peak values, histogram of signal levels, and more.

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System Requirements

  • AudioLeak is a Universal Binary that runs natively on PowerPC and Intel Macs.
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, G4 or newer CPU.

The download is a demo version of AudioLeak that can be fully enabled with the purchase of an Activation Code. The Demo can be run as AudioLeak (or AudioLeak Professional, which includes more features, such as Batch processing, Variable RMS ballistics, Logging, and more).

What's new in this version (2.2):

  • Support for ITU BS.1770 Leq(RLB) and Leq(R2LB) LKFS units (AudioLeak Professional)

Click here to purchase an upgrade to AudioLeak Professional 3.0.

(2.6 MB)

Version 2.2

Includes Illustrated, 25-page User Guide (pdf format)

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