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Mac the Scope and Waavebox Version Upgrade Price List

Mac the Scope signal analyzer and Waavebox signal generator


Price list only. Click the Purchase link at the bottom of the page to select options or order an Activation Code.


Mac the Scope 4X Upgrades

(Mac the Scope 4.0 or earlier to OS X Native Version)

Upgrade pricing depends on the version originally licensed (or upgraded to) and when the base license (not additional options) was purchased.

If you originally licensed Mac the Scope 4.0 or Waavebox Standalone (or paid for an upgrade to 4.0 from an earlier version) after September 30, 2002, the upgrade to Mac the Scope 4X (or Waavebox) is free of charge.

Free activation codes have automatically been sent to all eligible customers. If you are eligible for a free upgrade and haven't received a new activation code (this would happen if we don't have your current email address), please contact us. You must include the activation code from Mac the Scope 4.0 (shown upon launch of Mac the Scope, or from the message we sent you after you placed your order).


Mac the Scope 4X Upgrades (Mac the Scope, OS X Native, with CoreAudio Support). Product activation code from your software must be provided when you place your order.

[$149] Upgrade from Version 4.0 Complete: Your product activation code contains the characters "-M400-"

[$79] Upgrade from other Version 4.0 (Mac the Scope SE plus options, or one of the option packages): Your product activation code is similar to the Version 4.0 Complete code, except one or both dashes are replaced by letters or numbers (for example, "oM400a").

[$249] Upgrade from Version 3.0x or earlier: Your product activation code contains the characters "-M305-" (or the number following "-M" is 305 or less - for example, "-M301-" or "-M285-").

[$350] Upgrade Mac the Scope 4.0 SE / Base to Mac the Scope 4X Complete - Requires Activation Code from Mac the Scope SE 4.0

[$100] Upgrade Waavebox Lite to Waavebox - Requires Activation Code from Waavebox Lite


Click to Purchase a Mac the Scope or Waavebox Version Upgrade Activation Code from Kagi

Be sure to confirm the operation of the software by trying the Demo download on your computer before purchasing an activation code.


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