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TechRTA™: realtime analyzer plug-in for Apple's iTunes software: FAQ

Q: How do I install the plug-in?

A: This depends on the version of Mac OS you are running.

If running Mac OS X, place the plug-in inside the iTunes Plug-ins folder:

  • Boot Drive/Users/username/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins
  • or Home/Library/iTunes/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins

If running Mac OS 9.x, place the plug-in inside the Visual Plug-ins folder:

  • iTunes Folder:Plug-ins:Visual Plug-ins

Note that newly installed plug-ins won't appear in the iTunes Visuals menu until after iTunes is relaunched.

Q: I installed the plug-in according to the instructions above, but nothing happens.

A: Be sure that you have the following minimum OS and iTunes software versions. Earlier versions of iTunes don't support third-party plug-ins.

  • If running Mac OS X: iTunes 1.1.1 and Mac OS X Update 10.0.3 (Mac OS X 10.0.3) or later
  • If running Mac OS 9.x: iTunes 1.1 or later

Important: the OS - specific versions of the TechRTA plug-in aren't interchangeable. TechRTA™ for iTunes OSX won't run under OS 9, and TechRTA™ for iTunes won't run under Mac OS X.

A "universal" version of TechRTA isn't possible, because the iTunes software for OS 9.x isn't "Carbonized."

Other possible sources of trouble:

  • If TechRTA appears in the iTunes Visuals menu, select it and then press command - T (or click on the rosette icon in the lower right hand corner of the iTunes window).
  • Sorry, the plug-in is not supported under Mac OS 8.6 or "patched" versions of the iTunes player. The solution is to update to OS 9.0 or 9.1.
Q: How do I access these "options" I've been reading about?

A: First, the TechRTA plug-in must be active. Then, click on the Options button in the iTunes window, indicated below. A dialog box with various options will appear.

Mac OS X version shown above

Mac OS 9 version shown above

(Note that the benchmarks were recorded on different computers).

Options are retained across launches of iTunes.

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