Pure Vinyl 5

Pure Vinyl 5 is a major update with over 60 new features and performance enhancements compared to Pure Vinyl 4.0.3.

A short list of major new features:
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Change History

Pure Vinyl 5b32
- Corrects an issue which could cause an Unexpected Quit when performing automatic track location

Pure Vinyl 5b31
- Corrects an issue which was a side effect introduced in 5b30 when manually setting the location for saving recordings, displaying an options window in the wrong usage context

Pure Vinyl 5b30
- Addresses a potential security issue caused by the relatively recent proliferation of (possibly unvetted) third-party commercial advertising and URLs on Discogs. Now, all http requests not pointing to Discogs are ignored
- Eliminated issue causing the recording file format not to be correctly displayed in the Recording setup dialog
- Fixed problem causing choosing a custom destination for Rendered tracks to fail

Pure Vinyl 5b29
- Eliminated a specific cause of an unexpected quit when rendering an album image or locating tracks
- Filters colons and forward slashes when retrieving album and artist information from Internet (replaces with dashes), which could cause an unexpected quit
- Eliminated issue interfering with specifying a custom output destination for rendered tracks
- Eliminated a cause of the buttons not being drawn in the tool bar on the meter window
- Eliminated a regression issue causing iTunes to automatically launch if iTunes 12.4 or later is installed
- Eliminated issue causing track numbers to be repeated when prepending track numbers to track names
- Eliminated issue causing track name tags to be truncated (if there was a period in the track name) when prepending track numbers to track names
- Hold down Option key when clicking spindle to modify track parsing parameters for language localized systems, e.g., use Tracklisting instead of Tracklist

Pure Vinyl 5b28
- New command to permanently hide / skip over an album side(s) (including being part of a track rendering operation), with the option to revert to showing all sides
- Fixed issue involving multi-byte-character folder / album / artist names
- Incorporates the latest Pure Music 3.0.9c and associated bug fixes and feature enhancements
- Corrected issue when downsampling and rendering to specified destination with putting the downsampled sample rate in destination folder name
- Corrected issue keeping the correct track edit list from displaying when recording another album during the same session
- Optimized file loading and display speed when loading albums with preferred starting side and track set
- Corrected regression issue introduced in Pure Vinyl 5 preview preventing display of time remaining while recording, and currently playing track
- Corrected issue caused by too long of a string entered in the Comment field of the Recording window throwing an error which was incorrectly reported as being a busy file
- When opening a file that was previously open in the same session, and switching from Recording mode, explicitly opens file instead of just switching modes. Therefore, any new settings made to file and saved will be reloaded (such as preferred starting track / side)
- Corrected issue when using Render Selected in conjunction with Render As Side ignoring the Render As Side setting
- New feature to Render As Album Sides while ignoring any track markers (include all audio from time coordinate zero for that side to the end of the side)
- Corrected issue with improper resizing of Render window for Advanced options
- Fixed issue that could prevent Preview Levels from working properly when normalizing on a per-track basis (some tracks were not normalized to full scale, but just to relative album value)
- Restored the Miscue button
- Added Disclosure triangle to Render Options to hide the LKFS Normalization options in Advanced mode
- Play Trimmed function button while in Editor mode will flip the LP when the recording is playing and it reaches the OUT marker of the last track. Prior to this new Play Trimmed function it would only observe the OUT marker when not in Editor mode
- Render side as single track now also functions with "selected track" mode
- Render side as single track in "selected track" mode just renders the displayed side
- Fixed issue when toggling Record mode after opening or playing a non-RIAA file improperly setting RIAA EQ mode
- The UserŐs Guide / documentation for both the Pure Music Music Server mode and the Pure Vinyl documentation are now incorporated into the application (select from the Pure Vinyl Recorder menu)