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Pure Music 2

Pure Music v2.0.4 Download | Buy Activation Code
The 2.0.4 Update addresses performance issues with iTunes 12.1, an Unexpected Quit issue with Playthrough / Streamthrough, Automatic Streamthrough mode, as well as including additional bug fixes and performance enhancements, and is recommended for all users.

Older Versions
Pure Music 2.0.3 Download |
Pure Music 2.0.2 Download |
Pure Music 1.89g R3 Download |

Pure Vinyl 4

Pure Vinyl v4.03 Download | Buy Activation Code
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later (including OS X 10.9 / Mavericks). The Pure Vinyl 4.03 download includes documentation.

Additional Documentation

NEW! Pure Vinyl 4 Tutorial Screencasts
Part 1: Recording / Automatic Tracks (Revised April 11, 2014) (7:42)
Play Large Size | Download Large Size (as zip file)

Part 2: Trimming Track Tails (Revised April 11, 2014) (5:22)
Play Large Size | Download Large Size (as zip file)

Part 3: Rendering Tracks (2:00)
Play Large Size | Download Large Size (as zip file)

Check back soon for more tutorial videos for the new Pure Vinyl 4!

- TC Electronic - Impact Twin: Audio Interface Setup

Technical Paper / Presentation Slides
- Technical Paper on Software RIAA equalization, "Filter Reconstruction and Program Material Characteristics Mitigating Word Length Loss in Digital Signal Processing-Based Compensation Curves Used for Playback of Analog Recordings"
- 123rd Audio Engineering Society Convention Presentation Slides

Older Versions
Pure Vinyl 3.13 Download |

Additional Pure Music / Pure Vinyl Documentation

Pure Music / Pure Vinyl NetSend Music Streaming
Pure Music / Pure Vinyl 64 Bit Digital Electronic Crossover


Balanced, Ultra Wide Bandwidth Ultra Low Distortion Phono Preamplifier
Seta Model H / Model L Installation and Use Guide PDF
Seta Piccola Installation and Use Guide PDF


Audio Loudness Analyzer
AudioLeak v3.13c - Download | Buy Activation Code | Upgrade
The AudioLeak distribution has been updated to 3.13c to reflect the inclusion of the Apple trusted developer security certificate.

Older version: AudioLeak v2.2 - Download |

Mac the Scope and Waavebox

Precision Audio Signal Analyzer and Audio Signal Generator
Mac the Scope 4X v4.28 and Waavebox v1.73 - Download | Buy Activation Code | Upgrade

Remote Support Client Application

Download Page



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