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Channel D Audiophile Products

are dedicated to the audiophile enthusiast through understanding and preserving the purity of the audio signal through the entire playback stream. From signal analysis and vinyl archival, editing and playback, to high resolution digital playback...

Getting Started With Computer Audio

We are hard core audio enthusiasts
Over the years, we have mounted and hosted (as Channel D) more audiophile trade show exhibit rooms than all of the other computer audio software companies combined. This proves our continued committment to developing innovative products, demonstrating them under stressful and demanding trade show conditions, insuring that they deliver the most flawless performance possible:

- Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver: eight times in a row
- AXPONA (various cities): five times in a row
- Newport Beach, California: twice in a row
- Chester Group New York City Audio Show: twice in a row
- Munich High-End, Germany
- California Audio Show (San Francisco)
- Capital City Audio Fest (Washington, DC)

The above list does not count the many companies who have independently chosen to use our products in trade show demos.

Channel D was the first computer audio software company to exhibit at the famous international Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, long before audiophile interest in computer audio had blossomed (let alone even begun to bud) and remained the only one for several years. And integrating vinyl LP playback (with Pure Vinyl) always has been an important part of our expo demos.

Sitting behind a desk and cranking out computer code is a cakewalk compared to tackling the challenge of proving the performance of your products (not to mention audiophile credentials, by setting up great sounding exhibits despite the terrible acoustic environment in expo rooms) on the level but difficult playing field of an audiophile trade show, where products are carefully scrutinized by attendees and the audio press alike, and the proof is in the listening.                                                                                             
- 2014 - The Absolute Sound - Editors' Choice Award Winner
- 2013 - The Absolute Sound - Product of the Year Award Winner
- Stereophile - Editors' Choice, Class "A" Rated Component
- Positive Feedback Oasis Award - Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012
- Positive Feedback Oasis Award - Newport Beach 2012
- 2011 - The Absolute Sound - Golden Ear Award Winner
- 2011 - Positive Feedback - Brutus Award Winner
- 2011 - Sixmoons Lunar Eclipse Award (as Spatial OEM version)
- Positive Feedback Oasis Award - Newport Beach 2011
- 2010 - Stereophile - Product of the Year Award Winner