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For credit card and international orders


  • Important: before ordering an activation code for software, please be sure that you've downloaded and tried the demonstration version of the software on your computer. All of our product downloads are time-limited, full-featured demos that will have demo limitations removed with a purchased activation code.
  • Clicking here: will transfer you to the secure online store, which provides detailed current pricing.


  • Call Kagi at (510) 601-5244; 9 AM - 5 PM weekdays, West Coast USA time zone. Important - please see for more information, before calling.
  • For international orders consisting of items besides Download Edition software, carefully read the information on the order form regarding international orders, before placing an order.

Kagi, 1442-A Walnut Street #392, Berkeley, CA 94709-1405 USA; fax (510) 652-6589 (general information) (vendor directory)

Corporate, Government and Educational users click here for additional information.

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