Mac OS X Compatibility

Products Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard")
Mac the Scope 4.27 / 4.28 COMPATIBLE
except for occasional problem with the visual display of the output waveform (delayed updates)
Pure Vinyl Application Suite COMPATIBLE

Specification and Measurement Documents

Mac the Scope / Waavebox

Macintosh Audio Subsystem Distortion and Noise Floor Index page linking to measurements made on a few Mac models, and some PC sound cards
Mac the Scope Signal Chain Measurement Performance Screen shot from Mac the Scope showing single and two channel phase and amplitude flatness in spectrum analyzer mode
31-band Analog Style RTA module filter performance  
Waavebox noise generator measured with Mac the Scope Mac the Scope trace showing frequency response of Waavebox bandpass filtered white noise, and Mac the Scope RTA displays of Waavebox pink noise
Multi-sine waveform generation Screen shot showing spectrum analysis of multi-harmonic sine wave generated by Waavebox
Precision Swept Sine measurement mode Measurements made with Mac the Scope
Avoiding Ground Loop "Hum" Document discussing a common source of audio hum, and a solution
Noise Floor and Waveform Averaging Theoretical noise floor obtained with various Mac the Scope signal averaging and time base settings


Accuracy of AudioLeak Leq A-Weighting  

Pure Vinyl

Correction Curve Specifications  
Sample Rate Converter Tests  


Monitoring from Multiple Video Sources on the Same Computer DeltaVideo "watching" two separate video sources connected to the same computer. Screen shot and information.
Spider: Motion and Velocity Tracking Vector trace of spider building its web; screen shot showing image / movie stamping features; plot of velocity vs. time; 3-D plot of position vs. time; links to black and white and color QuickTime movies extracted from the DeltaVideo capture file.
DeltaVideo Technical Questions  

Specification and Measurement Documents

Mac the Scope tutorial / application note documentation

This information supplements the documentation supplied with Mac the Scope, which contains specific, detailed information about the features of Mac the Scope and Waavebox.

A condensed version of the printed Mac the Scope User Reference Guide (supplied with the "boxed" version of the software) is provided in the QuikGuide document, which is included in the Mac the Scope demo / update download package, as are all current application notes. These documents also are accessible within Mac the Scope, using Mac the Scope's built-in help system.

New or updated application notes not included with the software download will be posted here, when available.

Mac the Scope FAQ - Troubleshooting

Mac the Scope and Intel-based Macintosh computers

  • Mac the Scope functions quite satisfactorily in the Rosetta emulation environment on Intel-based Macintosh computers. A Universal version of Mac the Scope is in development.
  • All licensees of Mac the Scope who purchased a license on or after the date of Apple's announcement of Intel-based Macintosh computers will receive a free activation code for the first major release of the Universal version of Mac the Scope (or equivalent product). If you paid for an upgrade to Mac the Scope from a previous version (3.0, 4.0, etc.) during this period, you also will be included in this group.